Happy Bellies & Full Hearts: The Meaning

Happy Bellies: I want to remain focused on fresh, made-from-scratch food while providing great tasting healthy dining options for ALL!

Full Hearts: I want the community to WANT us to be here because of what we can do! Not just being a great dining and coffee option, but I feel we can provide much more to St. Augustine! Look for us to be a part of more fundraising events, spending more time volunteering our time and product in the spirit of giving back...our hearts should feel good about the places we work, and being bigger than a restaurant will do just that!

About our menu

The heart of our menu is about good clean culinary techniques, respect for ingredients and their origin and our environment. More than just concept, this is a tangible & heartfelt component of who we are & what we are creating. Special attention is given to vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and healthy options because we believe in encouraging diversity at the table & carefully curating a menu that satisfies every individual. Our Chefs & Baristas are well-informed & knowledgeable about the origins of every product & it would be our pleasure to custom-make any item to suit your preferences and requirements. Please join us soon, make yourself at home & become a part of our growing family.